Our Initial NodeJS/TypeScript setup

Initial project creation

We use NPM's support for custom project initialization. The source code for our initializer is available at Github.

Initialize the project files:

cd ~/git/hangovergames
npm init @heusalagroup/backend ./YOUR-PROJECT-NAME
  1. Select package name as @hangovergames/YOUR-PROJECT-NAME
  2. Choose a license as MIT License

Build the project:

npm run build

Add built project file to git:

git add -f ./dist/YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.js
git commit -m 'Added compiled project bundle'

Push the git repository to Github

Create a git repository using Github and don't select any customizations.

git remote add origin git@github.com:hangovergames/YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.git
git push -u origin main

Start the server:

npm run start-prod

Test if the system runs

Then open http://localhost:3000 in the browser.

You should see a JSON response.

Start development

The main controller code is in the file ./src/controllers/BackendController.ts.